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Alps and the Neuschwanstein Castle

My love affair with the Alps began inside the tight cabin of the now defunct Pan Am airlines. When I saw the wrinkled, craggy mountain tops breaking through thick clouds, I held my breath. Nothing like this majestic splendor had ever crossed my eyes. Immediately, I took a few pictures, not minding that a 126 box camera wasn�t the proper tool for such a sight. Ever since then, we got lucky enough to pay our respects to the Alps with a few trips.

Many people today are finding comfort from nature and enjoy the feeling of having their home surrounded by items made of natural materials. There are many natural fiber rugs available today made from seagrass, bamboo, coir, hemp, jute, mountain grass, sisal, wool and paper. Each is unique and has its uses throughout your home and is a great alternative to synthetic carpeting which depends on the oil industry.In hindsight, I think, by accepting the offer to climb, I did push things (like asthma) a bit, but I got a sense of satisfaction from dealing with fears and hardship. A lesson like this one is applicable beyond the mountains and beyond any hike even if one wheezes a little.Dry spills are the easiest to clean by scraping the stain off of the material using a blunt blade such as a spoon. Remove the spill from the edge to the center and vacuum.Kudos to King Ludwig, Neuschwanstein Castle had been equipped with the best technology of its times. The toilets were flushable at each story and there was running water on all floors. The castle had central heating system and a winter garden with glass sliding doors.In nice weather when the strong sun shines on the mountains and the area, compassionate peaks embrace the lakes and send cool breezes down on their prot�g�s. These are the times to live for, whether one takes a short hike through the woods or by the lakeside or moves higher up to climb.Seagrass rugs usually come with a natural latex backing that will keep your rug from slipping so a pad is not needed. But should you wish for additional cushioning or more protection for your floor underneath a rug pad can be used.Liquid spills can be a little more challenging. Most carpet cleaners can be used on seagrass rugs.
  • Last but not least is The Wilderness Lodge, Disney�s dramatic depiction of an early 1900s national park resort. I challenge you to keep your jaw from dropping open on your first encounter with its awesome eight-story lobby of ponderosa pine logs, a massive 82-foot tall fireplace, and authentic 55-foot Pacific Northwest totem poles. Outside is a breathtaking scene of sparkling waterfalls, rushing creeks, and towering pines. The sound of crickets is heard beneath the bridges and along the meandering pathways lined with natural grasses, junipers, and wildflowers. And on the shores of Bay Lake is Wilderness Lodge�s very own erupting geyser surrounded by a steaming expanse of geothermal activity. King Ludwig was said to be homosexual and had a special relationship with Richard Wagner as the musician�s patron. Rooms on the third floor are based upon the legends of Wagner�s operas. For Tannhauser a winter garden and grotto and for Lohengrin a chamber and a throne room with a vaulted ceiling supported by columns and decorated with stars. The throne room surprised me because it was almost exactly like the inside of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, which I have seen inside out. Also there was another place on the fourth floor dedicated to Parsifal.Professional dry cleaning can also be an option you may want to use should you have a stain that is very difficult to remove. Make sure that the professional you use is experienced in natural fiber floor coverings.Another castle nearby, yellow in color, was the castle where Ludwig grew up. We were too tired to visit that one. Anyhow, I believe all the castles in Europe are good to look at from the outside, walking around inside them is interesting but too tiring.Seagrass rugs are made of natural fibers and are one of the most inexpensive and versatile of all the natural floor coverings available today. Seagrass rugs are strong, withstand heavy traffic, durable, resilient, stain resistant and are also low dust and allergy free. Because of the light colored, mottled variegated appearance it hides most dirt well.This article will concentrate on the seagrass rugs as one of your natural material area rug choices.If you have pets, kids, and/or a heavily trafficked area to cover seagrass rugs are the recommended choice more than any other natural material area rug.The best resorts in the Alps for me, since I am not a climber or a mountain goat, are the lakeside towns and fishing villages. Most of the Alpine lakes are carved by glaciers; the water inside the lakes sparkles like a gemstone, be it a blue topaz, emerald, or lapis lazuli, and the lakes are edged by fancy gardens and all sorts of greenery.
  • Epcot�s Bistro de Paris is a charming Belle �poque dining room with an air of exclusivity. Filled with gilded mirrors and crimson banquettes, its billowy white drapes frame windows that overlook the World Showcase Lagoon. Servers with delicious French accents roll out sensational dishes prepared with only the freshest ingredients. After dinner enjoy a dessert of crepes prepared and flamed tableside while lingering over cordials and coffee in anticipation of the Illuminations spectacle.Neuschwanstein is an ivory castle with majestic spires sitting on a solitary peak. To enter the castle we had to wait in line, buy tickets, and then wait in line again because tourists from all lands come to visit it. I heard, during the last few years, they built a separate ticket place before entering the castle and also tickets can be bought beforehand, I don�t know if online or by mail. When we went there, about ten years ago, we had to wait in long lines just to get inside.Visible and loose dirt should be regularly with a vacuum. Seagrass rugs are easily cleaned because the dirt does not cling. Your vacuum should have a strong suction and brush attachment or beater brush on it to work loose those particles in the creases and edges.First use a dry clean cotton cloth, rotating frequently to it is always a clean area on the cloth, to blot the spill pressing firmly to absorb as much liquid as possible. Do not rub the area as this can cause the liquid to go further into the fiber. Work from the edge of the spill toward the center to contain the spill.What about Disney�s dining choices? Once just a hot dog and hamburger haven, Disney�s reputation for dreadful theme park food is now a thing of the past. Think Pan Roasted Striped Bass with Aromatic Rock Shrimp Lemongrass Risotto, 6-Hour Braised Veal Shank with Orzo Pasta and Soy Glaze, or Cornbread Stuffed Quail with Foie Gras and Sauce Maltaise. Just a mere sampling of the incredible meals to be found at many of the over 270 dining spots on Disney property. In a radical culinary transformation Disney hired top-notch chefs to create exciting menus for some of the highest rated restaurants in the country and first-rate sommeliers to fashion outstanding wine lists.Seagrass rugs are recommended for indoor use only. They are not recommended for bathrooms, kitchens, basements or any other damp and humid area as they can be susceptible to mold and mildew.If you are interested in seeing the popular seagrass rug and all its choices and selections please visit me at my website Seagrass rugs are a perfect choice for your natural fiber area rug purchase.Cleaning and Care of Your Seagrass RugsYour rug should be rotated every six months or so to change the traffic pattern on the surface. Regular cleaning should be done because loose particles of dirt deduce the life span of the floor covering by causing a scouring effect when left on the rug.
  • Fine dining in a sophisticated setting combined with virtually flawless service sets Victoria and Albert�s in Disney�s Grand Floridian Resort apart. Here in this AAA Five-Diamond awarded restaurant you�re served a sumptuous seven-course meal on white linen set with Royal Doulton china and sparkling crystal. Those seeking a special evening should book the newly-remodeled, 6-person chef�s table found in a candle-lit alcove in the kitchen, a spot perfect for an up-close, behind-the-scenes look at Disney�s top chef in action.Maybe your image of Disney is of lackluster, motel-style accommodations. Not so! All deluxe property choices are unique and offer that special Disney touch. You�ll find them to be adorned with impressive lobbies, painstakingly landscaped grounds, first-rate restaurants, elaborately themed pools, and gracious accommodations. All offer top-notch recreational facilities and services. In fact, each resort is so marvelous it can be difficult to choose which fantasy you wish to indulge.King Ludwig built other castles too. Another one people said was interesting is Linderhof, to the east of Neuschwanstein. These castles cost so much that, even when almost finished, they were opened to the public for money, to cover the expenses. To this day, that tradition continues.

    Maybe Jung was right. In any case, don�t people look up high for things of quality?

    Author: Joy Cagil

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